Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief Via State-of-the-Art Healthlight Treatments.

Contact our Neuropathy Treatment Center at Advanced Pain Centres today to find out more about our drug-free, non-invasive and completely painless neuropathy pain relief protocol, clinically proven to significantly reduce or eliminate severe neuropathy pain and inflammation. This treatment has no known side effects and an excellent success rate.

Provides relief of persistent neuropathy symptoms such as:

  • Throbbing pain
  • Burning or freezing sensations
  • Numbness or reduced ability to feel
  • Tingling sensations
  • Extreme sensitivity

Neuropathy Treatment


This treatment may allow you to stop taking prescribed pain-relief neuropathy medications that often result in numerous side effects. Some patients report eliminated or reduced pain after just one treatment.

How Light Therapy Works

Unlike traditional treatments, which only treat the symptoms, Light Therapy treats the nerves by stimulating nerve function and dealing with the root cause of neuropathy pain.

  • Neurologists prescribe drugs to treat the symptoms and may refer you to a physical therapist.
  • Physical Therapists treat the muscles and joints only, not the nerves.
  • Chiropractors correct spinal problems that may be placing pressure on the nerves but are still not treating the actual nerves.

Light Therapy’s soothing, deep-penetrating energy reduces both pain and inflammation by drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area, thereby creating an environment for optimal healing. Offering the best in pain relief, this treatment is non-invasive, painless and drug-free. Furthermore, there are no known side effects, offers quick recovery and has an impressive success rate.

Research has shown that light therapies produce faster and more effective results than other modalities. The light provides deeper penetration, allowing for more effective nerve treatments.

Why light therapy works

  • Unlike drugs, supplements and vitamins, Light Therapy is a long term solution that ensures that symptoms do not re-occur after treatment.
  • It treats the nerves and grow new small-fiber nerves, rather than just treating symptoms
  • Stimulates the body to react and heal more effectively

We are 1 of the 280 clinics (all others in the US) that specialize in this proven peripheral neuropathy protocol and a provider of this treatment in Singapore.

As Singapore’s most advanced center of its kind, we are constantly moving forward. By offering you advanced, proven and state-of-the-art technologies, matched with innovative approaches for optimal and long-lasting results, we work together with you to help you return to a pain-free and fulfilling life. We take pride in communicating with our clients in an open and transparent manner that patients can trust.

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