Exercise Physiologist and Sports Massage Therapy

Exercise Physiologist and Sports Massage Therapy

Rehab massage

Advanced Pain Centres now has a highly trained exercise physiologist/massage therapist  (view profile by clicking here).  He is able to help conditions like knee pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff issues, ankle sprains, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and many other musculo-skeletal problems!

 Is there anything limiting you to do the sports or activities that you would like to get back into doing?  Come in for a consultation with our in house sports physio.

Our physio does sports massage that can work for both general relaxation from increased tension or stress or for a specific area of focus like shoulder or knee.  Please contact us for more information at (65) 6782 6682 or  info@advancedpaincentres.com

Please click here for Aw Boon Wei ‘s profile and qualifications (scroll down).