February 1, 2020

COVID-19 measures at APC:

We have implemented all necessary precautions for the COVID-19 virus in our clinics. We are taking temperatures of patients upon entering the clinic. Anyone above 37.8 will be asked to come back to the clinic in 10 mins to retake. If still above 37.8 then we will ask patient to come back another day and to go rest at home. Patients and guests are also needing to fill out a short declaration form about travel history and general health.

Our staff continues to sanitize all tables and hands after each treatment. Staff has also been encouraged to stay at home if they are feeling unwell.

We have also increased our number of hand sanitizers around the clinic to make more available for patients to sanitize before entering the treatment area.

We have spaced out our tables and waiting room chairs to further comply with the social distancing measures. Also we allow no more than 10 people in the clinic at one time.

***It is important to understand that boosting the immune system is the best precaution you can take to avoid infection. Spinal adjustments have been proven to boost the immune system so please keep up your adjustment schedule for reaching your health goals!

Team APC