Diabetic Foot Pain

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Type 2 diabetes, also known as “Adult-Onset Diabetes,” is on the rise in much of the developed world as body weight and diets rich in sugary or processed foods rises along with it. As of 2014, an estimated 387 million people have diabetes worldwide, with type 2 diabetes making up approximately 90% of the cases. High levels of blood sugar over long periods of time has a negative impact on the delicate nerves found in our feet (and our hands to a lesser extent).
While the drugs used to treat diabetes can be helpful in some regards, those same drugs can also add to nerve problems caused by high blood sugar once they are broken down by the body. Thus, in effect patients with diabetes often face a “double whammy” when it comes to developing a condition known as peripheral neuropathy, most commonly in the feet. This can range from mild irritation due to occasional numbness and tingling to a debilitating disease where patients cannot walk without experiencing sharp pain, burning or freezing sensations.

Diabetic Foot Symptoms
Diabetic Foot Symptoms

Medical doctors are often so concerned with other potential life-threatening complications that can come with long term diabetes, that concerns about nerve degeneration are commonly brushed aside. The doctors at Advanced Pain Centres are specially trained to evaluate and assess the extent of the damage which has accumulated in the small-fiber nerves of diabetic patients, and have developed a special treatment plan to reverse the harmful effects of diabetes on your nerves. This can allow these patients to regain their mobility and get back to the life they want to live. If you or a loved one suffers from diabetes, don’t hesitate to call for your specific evaluation and find out if our peripheral neuropathy treatment program is right for you.

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