This program is for those patients who want to explore every option before deciding on the best available treatment. It is also for those of you who feel that you have not been taken seriously or listened to by your doctor or therapist. Maybe you just really want to know the cause of your health problems. These are all legitimate reasons to seek a second opinion!

Too often we hear stories from patients who have been informed by their doctors that surgery, lifelong medications or “live with it” are the only options for their pain or health concern. While this may be true for certain conditions, it is often not the case. Unfortunately, many are afraid to question the recommendations of a trusted physician or therapist and simply decide to go with the path of least resistance.

At Advanced Pain Centre we spend the time it takes to listen and help patients understand the cause and reason for the pain they may have. Our policy is that there is no “one” treatment that is perfect for everyone. We tailor make the experience and treatment plan to each person and change management where appropriate.

How do I get a second opinion? Simply click here to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors and lock in your preferred time. You can also ask us more by clicking on the Facebook message or WhatsApp icon to your right.