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Having any of these symptoms?

Burning Sensation

This is a very common symptom of nerve damage or neuropathy and can be quite debilitating.

Freezing Sensation

The feet can feel cold and be tough to keep warm with this type of nerve damage as there is a decrease in circulation.

Extreme sensitivity

This commonly causes loss of sleep and, in extreme cases, may lead to suicidal thoughts.


Numbness or reduced ability to feel

This can be a dangerous state to be in, as balance can be seriously affected.


Tingling Sensations

This can lead to a person having trouble relaxing, in minor cases; or become a major source of irritation in more serious cases.


Throbbing Pain

People with neuropathy commonly experience throbbing in their feet or calves.

How does In-clinic therapy work?

1. LED near infrared light therapy to stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the area.


2. Vibration therapy to stimulate nerve and blood flow.


3. Motor stimulation to engage joints and muscles that may be weak or underused.


4. Compression that can help decrease swelling.


5. Supplements for the cells and nerves to decrease inflammation and aid in tissue repair.

Local and international customers may choose to do therapy in the comfort of your own home!

Included in the home therapy program

1. LED near infrared light home unit (single pad unit used one foot at a time) to stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the area. 2. Neuro spiky ball to stimulate nerve and blood flow. 3. Muscle roller to release tight and tender muscles and engage blood flow. 4. 3 months of supplements for the cells and nerves to decrease inflammation and aid in tissue repair. 5. A home care guide that can increase chances of recovery by up to 50%. 6. SUPPORT- every home unit purchase comes with unlimited email support and a video call can always be arranged with any questions. We want you to succeed on this like hundreds of others before you. The light unit also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Reasons for doing the home care program vs in-clinic

You live in another city/country. Many of our patients see our Facebook, Instagram and Google reviews and wonder how they can get the relief from nerve pain if they can’t get into the clinic to do it. Home program is perfect for them!

Pain, numbness or loss of strength in legs or feet is making it difficult to walk or get around making it difficult to make it in the clinic for the program.

You just want freedom to do the therapy whenever you want!

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How do I start?

Click the book now button to schedule an in-clinic consultation or a virtual consultation. We want you to feel comfortable with the program and get all your questions answered before you begin. Note for virtual consults, the cost of the consult is offset with a discount upon purchase of the program!

What the research says

How does light therapy work?

THE VISIBLE SPECTURM - Wave length in nanometers

Benefits of Light therapy

Physical therapy paired with light therapy can provide patients even greater success.

Qualified physical therapists give professional instruction and design the program to increase range of motion, strength, balance for a better overall quality of life.

Multiple modalities should provide a better and quicker resolution to patient complaint(s).

Common alterative methods of therapy

 Medications — these only address the symptoms and are known to lose their effectiveness over time.


 Physiotherapy — this only treats the muscles and joints, not the nerves.


 Surgical nerve decompression — this is a procedure where the tissues surrounding the nerve are removed in an attempt to relieve the pressure on the nerve. Unfortunately, this does not address the root cause and may lead to reoccurrence of the problem. Furthermore, complications such as infections and nerve damage may arise.